Kim Shows Her Curves in Black Dresses

Usually people would choose maximum comfortable attire while travelling. But looks like nothing can really stop Kim from looking stylish! She chose to wear something that is totally opposite of comfort on Monday i. e on 8th September. The curvy reality star made sure that she looked hot and grabbed everyone’s attention at Adelaide airport. She was accompanied by husband and their daughter. As Kim carried North in her Pram, she became center of attraction because of her deep V-neck shirt which was shielded behind sheer polo neck sheath. The dress had a body fit design which highlighted all her curves. The dress was translucent to such an extent that her undergarments were visible. This hot look was well complemented with cream Balenciaga heels.

Kim tied hair tight into a ponytail and covered her eyes with the help of dark sunglasses. She was looking happy while walking with the tiny tot inside the pram. Meanwhile, West walked along with both of them. The 35-year-old West also wore trendy clothes like grey leather trousers and contrasting black shoes. He also showed off his oral gold jewelry while talking with his family and crew. The couple famously known as ‘power couple’ was all the time guarded by their security team that includes Kim’s bodyguard Pascal and several other members of AFP i.e. Australia Federal Police.

kim shows her curves in black dresses

The couple was also accompanied by followed fans, who took candid shots of them using their camera phones. But it was not like what happened on Saturday morning. The crowd waiting to see glimpse of the power couple shouted badly and woke up baby North. That made them little upset. So this time the crowd did not make much noise!

Another day on 9th September Kim was seen wearing a one more revealing black dress. Mrs. West wore a black bodysuit that had deep neck design. She wore her favorite boxy leather jacket by Balmain.The star completed glam-look with a leather miniskirt and webbed black strappy stilettos.

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