Kofi Ansah: Ghana mourns fashion guru

Recognized as the enfant appalling of fashion Ghanaian, fashion designer Kofi Ansah pushed Ghana on to the ramp of catwalks of haute dressmaking.

Elizabeth Ohene, Journalist, seems back at the overall career of the man who expired earlier in this month at the age of 62 and whose interment is being complete on Friday go after by the fashion show in the open space of Accra, State House in the capital. Moving to a fashion show of Kofi Ansah has forever been an exhaustive and exhilarating experience. Without dresses, they can’t perform their parts, he said at one time.

Kofi Ansah: Ghana mourns fashion guru

An innovative designer and correct pace-setter, Ansah forever persisted their clothes have to always tell complete story. And what type of stories he narrates with their clothes and how gracefully he narrated them. He recalls their reaction when he advised that he was in the industry of beauty and fashion.

No, he is not in the business of fashion and beauty, he is in the business of bringing happiness, he guaranteed them. He would articulate that there was not anything more pleasing compare to making good looking clothes that make some people feel and look wonderful regarding them.

At the time, somebody keep a try on a bit you have formed and he or she come back to check in the mirror, and ruptures out in the smiles, you recognize that you have punch a bull’s eye.

At starting, he made some headlines on their graduation from the Art School of Chelsea in London and got the eventual support when he completed a good looking beaded top for Princess Anne.

In 1979, after their graduation with Top class honors in the distinction in design technology and fashion design, he started their work in the area of London and was quickly creating waves in the scene of UK fashion.

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