Lauren Conrad Flaunts her Adorable Wedding Ring

Lauren Conrad had something to show us! We saw the former reality star wearing something which every woman would love to wear and flaunt! It was her wedding ring! The 28-year-old star who is a celeb as well as a fashion designer wore something that proved her wedding was shining all the way! The wedding ring had colossal 3-carat round shaped diamond which was truly looking beautiful! It was only thong she wore in her tiny fingers but we could see her solitaire gold engagement band too. She recently got married to William Tell, which was her ling time boyfriend. The wedding took place in California on 13th September. The event was a low key affair as they tied knot in the presence of family and friends. Lo Bosworth, the ex-costar was spotted at the event, who was bridesmaid of the event.

Lauren Conrad Flaunts her Adorable Wedding Ring

On Tuesday, Conrad was seen at Los Angeles International Airport with both of her rings worn in the ring figure! If we get into the details, we could see the wedding band first, as it is symbolic of being close to the heart according to the traditions! The star was apparently without any make up but looked really cool.

Lo Bosworth while talking with HuffPost Live on 7thOctober shared the wedding experience being memorable because of limitless drinking they all did! Bosworth revealed the details of the wedding at another interview by saying, “Of course, it wouldn’t have been nearly as special without all the personal touches from Conrad. She was crafting for weeks and weeks and weeks,” She made a lot of the stuff that you saw, and it was such a beautiful tablescape. Not one piece of china, not one piece of silverware, not one cup was identical to another piece on the table, so there was so much love and effort that went into it. It was really lovely.”

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