Lifestyle of US Women

US women are known to be in vogue and fashion for their gaudy dressing sense. Let’s have a look at the trends of fashion they carry along with them.

Long or short, the trend is fashion necklace. Wear them on all occasions and they are in harmony with your size. Very long necklaces or large links are to be avoided on a busty. Must also know how to balance, avoiding, for example, wear long earrings with an impressive necklace.

Lifestyle of US Women

The dresses look great!

Finished dresses with big patterns or empire waist crossing the course of the fifty! Indispensable: black dress, a key that never go out of style. At any age, it can be classic and slightly sexy. And do not hesitate to update your favorite dress by adding a scarf or a different color scarf tied on the shoulder. Add an old pin that you will surely find in the bottom of your jewelry box. This is the new trend!

They are crazy sweaters!

Turtleneck or shawl collar are good alternatives for women over 50 years. If you like fitted sweater, choose a thick knit rather than stretch fabric. Get also a tank top (solid colors or striped patterns) and a white shirt, two indispensable clothes in your wardrobe!


We have to think! After a certain age, no plunging neckline at! A round neckline is better suited to small breasts while women large breasts should focus necklines V (rather than square) and avoid rising necklines. Another tip: buy the right underwear to enhance your forms in the notch of your blouse!

Not always austere jacket!

Whether contrasting color or the same color as your outfit, the jacket is often the final touch that makes all the difference! You can even afford a touch of madness. Have a touch of originality in the choice of fabric, texture or color.

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