Lifestyle Tips for Women over 40

This guide leads you through some lifestyle pointers and tips for women in their forties and beyond. The most important tip to remember is to should encourage healthy changes. Although aging is unavoidable and something many of us aim to slow and reverse, it’s often a welcome change. Have some fun as your style will also likely change as you again. For some it’s even an opportunity to reinvent oneself.


New Hobbies

 As our bodies change, the types of activities and hobbies we enjoyed may also change. Each new phase of life brings new opportunities and new challenges. Try a new and active hobby that was previously difficult or impossible due to time. New sporting hobbies such as tennis are regularly started by women over forty – and that’s not to mention jogging, swimming, and cycling – all of which can be calming. They are all also great healthy new pursuits to add to one’s lifestyle. Trying a new hobby can also help you find new friends and expand your social circle.


Weight & Diet

 The same can be said for your diet as your body will likely process and respond to foods differently. One of the biggest changes women experience ins menopause. For some, weight loss after menopause may be different than before. Unwanted weight gain can occur at any age to anyone, talk to your doctor to understand how the changes are affecting your body and if you need to make any dietary updates.



 Every woman is, of course, different, but the average woman over forty is likely to have a thriving social life with friends made through her children, work, gym, hobbies, and more. Make sure to priories spending time with friends in every decade. As we age enjoy the shared experiences and humor that come from being comfortable in your maturity. Investing in your social life can allow you meet new people, learn new perspectives, and skills.


Your 40’s are often considered the best years of your life. It’s important to be self aware and understand that your priorities and interests might change, and it’s okay to adapt to them! In fact, trying new things and embracing this season is what will make you most confident and fulfilled.

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