Madcloth to Take ‘Wise’ Step for Truth

ModCloth is the fashion retailer famous for its bright and colorful apparel collection which does not bother your pocket much and the company has never restricted itself to a few, most-sold size range. It has clothes for every shape and size! ModCloth has already shown how different it is and now it is taking the pride to sign ‘Heroes Pledge for Advertisers’.

It is a legal promise in which advertisers cannot use Photoshop or change original model’s looks from the photo shoot. And if at all they do it they have to clearly notify that the image is been ‘Enhanced’. This legal pledge instruct retailers as, “do [their] best not to change the shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features, of the people in [their] ads in post-production.”

Madcloth to Take ‘Wise’ Step for Truth 1

Nancy Ramamurthi, ModCloth CMO, expressed why the company is ready to take up this new responsibility to Fashionista as, “We don’t have professional models on our site and we’ve been doing this since 2002.We’ve never been a company that has misrepresented or altered the photos of our models, we’ve had hundreds of independent designers all produce clothing on our site and we’ve really worked hard to ensure they’re for women of all sizes.” Well Said! It fits well with the company’s philosophy.

It’s ModCloth who has never been a routine fashion retailer and their different business model made them to take it up. Seth Matlins has been working for this Bill as he left advertising field in 2010. He left his own job to find out ‘Truth’ in Advertising Bill. Nancy also said that the legislation tries to bring authenticity and truth in this field and that is why MadCloth is willing to support it. This completely cohesive with how their company operates. Let’s see how many companies come and take this firm step for ‘truth’!

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