Maria Supports Battle against Cancer

Where do we expect Maria Sharapova? Of course, tennis grounds! But along with her game, the player has now decided to battle against something which is so dreadful…its cancer!  We have enjoyed Maria attacking with her weapons like her racket and now she has taken a step towards betterment of humankind.

She has joined league of stars like Karolina Kurkova, Cindy Crawford, and Gisele Bündchen, as she becomes face of the noble cancer project i.e Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative of CFDA, and that to for the organization’s 20th birthday. She has been seen in sports wear usually but at the event we saw her wearing a beautiful translucent delicate Marc Jacobs frock!

Maria Supports Battle against Cancer 1

We will eventually see, Sharapova wearing designs from different CFDA designers like Calvin Klein, Derek Lam, and Jennifer Fisher. She will be instrumental in raising awareness and no need to add raising funds too!

How Maria became part of such a noble event has a story behind. She has been following CFDA from years through fashion shows. It was 20th anniversary of this noble breast cancer campaign when Maria was asked by officials to be part of it. She takes it as honor and feels delighted about being part of it. When asked about cancer awareness importance she admitted that awareness is very important and that’s why so many influential people are taking part in it.

When asked about health fitness she shared her experiences. Whenever she is not playing tennis, she says she loves doing works-out outdoors, and enjoying the nature. Whenever in the gym she will always listen to music through headphones as activities outside bother her a lot! She also added that she lives nearby sea so whenever she wants she can go there and work-out.

When asked about her beauty routine she said that she likes keeping it minimum while playing, but she does not forget to use sun scream. She uses ‘SuperGoop!’ beauty products.

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