Meet the Designer Francis Bitonti who Prints Wearable Fashion

In a departure from traditional fashion, the Designer Francis Bitonti has developed an elaborate way to print Wearable Fashion using the latest technology

A Designer from New York, Francis Bitonti has developed a new technology for printing Wearable Fashion using the latest computer design techniques available as well as advances in 3D printing methods. Both exclusive designer gowns as well as accessories can be designed using this rather futuristic method. These unique designs have been featured in many exhibitions as well as museum such as Lewis Hewitt and the design museum of Smithsonian. Recently the celebrity Dita von Teese had ordered one of these unique designer gowns for herself.

Francis Bitonti-IMG

Unlike most other designers Francis Bitonti comes from a rather unconventional background for a fashion designer, as he has not worked with any other well known name. Instead he has experimented with different design techniques for forming materials and shapes before deciding to use 3D printing for creating extremely elaborate gowns. This printing technique was in its infancy when he started using the method for creating gowns and accessories, and hence more expensive than other methods. However, over a period of time, the costs of 3D printing have greatly reduced.

One of the greatest advantages of combining computer graphics design and 3D printing will be the great reduction in the cost of customization. Typically elaborate garments are custom made which can be expensive as typically fabric patterns are mass produced in factories before being used by designers. Printing in small quantities will require more manual effort, resulting in higher costs. On the other hand using 3d printing after customizing the design to suit the particular customers requirement will be far more inexpensive since only a few settings in the computer design pattern will have to be changed.

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