Megan Fox Rocks in Blonde Wig

Megan Fox, the glam face of Hollywood, who is famous for her long hair beauty, was seen in her new look on the set of TMNT2 on April 30. Her blonde bob wig made her look too hot with her pink statement lip. This actress is best known for her long length brunette hair. She left her natural color and signature length of hair while filming on the set of Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles 2. This hair color of Fox was a stunning make over.

In Grand Central Terminal in NYC, Megan Fox was seen in a button up blouse, a pencil skirt, and she wore the glasses as she filmed the character of April O’Neil. Her hot pink lips made this 27 years old actress look ravishing as a blonde with her tousled, honey hued wig that brushed her shoulders.

Megan Fox Rocks in Blonde Wig 1

Fox was later seen with her wig in her hand which proved that she had not dyed and strutted her stuff. It gave the set the look of a Halloween party. The mother of two,took up a look with a knotted top and a school girl skirt, which had very resemblance with Britney Spears’ circa “…Baby One More Time”.

Since 2010, Megan Fox is married to Brian Austin Green and they are called ‘The hottest couple of Hollywood”. She has never tried the full on blonde look before. It is true that she has experimented in the past with colors, but this is her complete blonde look for the first time. The beauty with raven hair chose and embraced the ombre trend in the past years, 2013 and 2014. Megan Fox tinted her hair red in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 as she did in her previous installment.

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