Men: what to wear at the weekend

While men have a fixed wardrobe for their normal workday, they are always able to experiment with their clothes on weekends and holidays.

Most men with a job or professionals usually have a uniform or a fixed set of clothes to be worn, depending on the dress code for their professions, and the workplace where they operate from. However, on weekends they are always able to experiment with the different types of looks available according to their budget and personal style. While most offices frown upon casual dresses at the workplace during weekdays, weekends are more relaxed, with informal clothes the norm. Half sleeved shirts are the most popular casual outfits, and while lighter colors are recommended in summer, Hawaiian prints add a touch of color.

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Some men cannot do without suits and linen suits are the ideal outfit. Linen trousers will complete the look. On weekdays due to the formal clothes worn, most jewelry remains hidden, but on weekdays men can wear more casual outfits to show off their favorite jewelry. Metallic or gold chains are popular accessories for men who want to add a touch of bling to their outfits. While men may wear one chain at a time, they may add an additional chain if requirement, but more than 2 chains will be too much. Gold chains are recommended as an investment too.

Fedora hats provide protection to the head, from heat and other objects especially when worn outdoors. These hats are best worn with a matching black shirt. A popular casual outfit especially when exercising, jogging, running or while watching a sports match, involves wearing a complete track suit or just track pants with a loose baggy t-shirt for a stroll in the evening. An even more informal look for men involves wearing a loose top with short pants, but this look can be pulled off only by men who are younger and more physically fit, ideal for a day at beach or exercising.

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