Men’s Cuban Collar Shirts

This summer men’s Cuban collar shirts are increasingly popular, as they combine fashion and comfort, with both designers and retailers offering outfits.

Unlike women’s fashion which always keeps changing, there are some garments or clothes like jeans, letterman jackets and loafers which remain eternal classics always in demand. This summer, there is another addition to this collection of eternal classic garments the Cuban collar shirt, also known as the Cabana or open collar shirt. This style of shirt was first noticed in the nineteen fifties and though relatively old fashioned compared to conventional short sleeved shirts, it brings with it, its own charm as well unique touch of class.

Mens Cuban Collar Shirts

Like its name suggests, the Cuban collar shirt has been defined by its distinctive collar design, in the form of flat collar, with one or more notches. Since the shirts are worn in summer, most of them have short sleeves. These shirts are an alternative to the more popular English style oxford shirts. This type of shirt has become very popular for the spring summer collections for 2014, with almost every major designer like Luis Vuitton, Canali and Missoni, create outfits for their models and customers in almost every imaginable color, fabric material, print and design.

Reiss the high street retailer of garments for men also has incorporated the Men’s Cuban collar in the outfits for advertising their spring summer 2014 collection, indicating that they are betting big on this fashion style. The preview of spring summer 2015 collection took place in London recently, and again the Cuban collar featured prominently, indicating that this style statement will remain in fashion for at least a year more. These shirts are available in a single color or more commonly with bright colorful prints. Major retailers and designers like Hentsch Man, Topman Design and Versace and have also endorsed this new fashion style.

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