Men’s Slim Fit Shirts – A Complete View

Men’s slim fit shirts are ideal for both office wears, as well as for wearing to more formal occasions; especially for men who take pride is their fitness levels.

Compared to women, men have a much smaller range of outfits to choose from, especially formal wear. In many offices, a dress code is specified, and men are expected to wear formal suits

Men's Slim Fit

Men’s Slim Fit

Though loose fitting linen shirts were in fashion a few years ago, as people become more fitness conscious, shirts manufacturers like Arrow, Peter England, Van Heusen have observed that there is a significant increase in the demand for men’s slim fit shirts, especially among younger fashion conscious men who are regular gym goers.

The slim fit shirts from Arrow are available in a number of colors, designs, materials like cotton, polyester blends, linen and textures, suitable for both office wear, and for formal occasions on weekends. Though slim fit shirts were initially tailored based on the specific dimensions of the wearer, increasingly there are many read to wear slim fit shirts available from branded shirt manufacturers, based on the body sizes of men in a particular area or country. Often the retail store selling these clothes will have a provision for making minor changes in the shirts based on the requirements of a particular customer.

Increasingly it is possible to order slim fit shirts online, from the different online stores, based on the dimensions of the customer. The customer will have to provide some basic dimensions such as shoulder width, chest width and waist width, material of the shirt and color of his choice, based on which the online store will dispatch custom made slim fit shirts to their client. They can also specify the sleeve length, whether cuffs have to be provided, types of buttons to be used. These shirts can also be worn under formal suits, and have a distinct silhouette

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