Met ball dress of Katy Perry lands in danger land

The head designer, Jeremy Scott and Moschino, who designed Katy Perry’s Met Ball dress is sued by graffiti artist, Rime, whose actual name is Joseph Tierney. He said that the design of Katy Perry’s Met Ball dress was his own individual design and that the designer, Jeremy Scott and Moschino has stolen his distinctive design on Katy Perry’s gown.  Katy’s Met Ball dress has become the cause of court proceedings against the two great designers.

Rime claims in the lawsuit that the color and the print on the gown look alike which he designed for The Seventh Letter art association in the year 2012, in Detroit. The artist, Rime, is a famous personality and the defendants, Jeremy Scott and Moschino used his design on the gown without his permission. The two defendants did some of their paintings on the gown so that Rime’s name is hidden and to show that the design is their own creation.

 Met ball dress of Katy Perry lands in danger land 1

Rime has become furious and has filed a lawsuit demanding compensation for the harm done to his work and would like the court to order the defendants to change the design from the attire. Rime’s using graffiti on costly clothes is to incite and create exposure for his brand name. The defendants paid Katy Perry to publicize and exhibit the attire at Met Ball, which is a very famous party held every year and attended by many famous personalities. The Met Ball party is organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City annually.

The defendant, Jeremy Scott and Katy Perry came to the Met Ball party in Rolls Royce and they even carried Moschino branded containers of false spray paint in the occasion. Katy was wearing and exhibiting the dress in the party. The defendants were posing as if the design was their own creation and that they were accountable for it.

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