Met Gala 2015 After Party Celeb styles

Well, we all wait for the after party event as we get to see some of the most fashionably styled celebs turn in for these parties! Let us go through the list and see who rocked it in the best of way!

When we mention Met Gala it is all about elegant dresses and ravishing gowns being flaunted everywhere and those one of kind, show-stopping looks, however there is more to is, as the fashion does not end there. The celebs turn up once again to party and have fun all night and they look just as the same, ravishing and radiantly flawless as they appeared at the red carpet event.

Met Gala 2015 After Party Celeb styles 1

Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Selena Gomez were few of the stars who turned up looking ravishing and were amongst the stars that definitely ended up turning heads. Even Kylie Jenner who was not present at the glam event came over to celebrate at the after party event.

Kendall quite closely resembled like a stunning 90s supermodel as she turned up for the after party Up & Down for Rihanna’s Met Gala. She wore a well clad leather skirt which was high in waist, displaying her well toned midriff on proper display.

Met Gala 2015 After Party Celeb styles

Not only did she appear to look completely modish yet at the same time looked hot as well. We simply adored Kendall’s model-off-duty style.

Kylie Jenner comes out in hot Shorts looking chic and hot

While the elder sister Kendall went chic her younger sister Kylie took the edgy route. She adorned a mesh Moschino shirt which revealed her black bra and she looked pretty close to Miley.

Met Gala 2015 After Party Celeb styles 3

Her black shorts were being reveled due to the due to the denim cutoffs and this ended up blending her overall look. This was definitely not an easy style to pull off, however Kylie did it quite smoothly.

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