Mila Kunis Again Proves Her Sense of Style in a Simple but Stylish Outfit

Mila Kunis, the love of Ashton Kutcher, has successfully created her name in the list of stylish celebrities. She has proved her sense of style even in her pregnancy stage. And when her baby bump is really bigger, Mila dresses up comfortably but elegantly.

Recently, this hot couple, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, has enjoyed a date night to enjoy their togetherness. And this beautiful lady wittily chooses her outfit. She is seen in sporting a skinny and torn jeans that is successful in offering a smart looking. She perfectly pairs that jeans with a loose tank top. The dress is at every sense casual, but still it imparts an elegant look to the actress. His love Kutcher also keeps his dress casual to be in tone with the dress theme of his lady. The man tries a casual dress that really suits him and he matches his ensemble with a blue hoodie, a baseball cap of Dodgers, and a cool Adidas sneakers. The man is also spotted helping his love and wife-to-be Mila into their sports car of black color.

Mila Kunis Again Proves Her Sense of Style in a Simple but Stylish Outfit 1

Both the celebrities are known to be big fans of sports, and the team of Los Angeles. The couple is often found to present in the games of this Los Angeles team. Even, they have been spotted during the game of 28th June, when the Los Angeles team has played against the team of St. Louis Cardinals. After the match, the Los Angeles team has posted a photo of the couple in their Facebook stands and has captioned that photo as “Jackie and Kelso forever!”

It has also been revealed that just a few days before their date night for Dodgers outing, the pair has been feted by their close family as well as friends on the occasion of baby shower that took place at their own home. The occasion has been held on July 27, Sunday.


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