Miranda July’s new Miu Miu app

Director Miranda July released her new short film ‘Somebody’ at the Venice film festival, along with a rather unique app related to the story of the film.

Many popular celebrities were present at the launch of a short film ‘Somebody’ directed by Miranda July at the Venice Film festival. The film was part of the Miu Miu’s Womens tales, a series of short films directed by prominent female directors today. Along with the movie, the director who wore a scarlet outfit by Miu Miu also launched a new and rather unusual Miu Miu mobile app related to the theme of her film. It involved sending a sms message, and then finding a person in the vicinity of the recipient to personally deliver the message to the intended recipient, resulting in rather hilarious situations.


To support Miranda July, a number of celebrities including popular young actress Kirsten Dunst, Lena Dunham, and Dakota Fanning were spotted in the front row for the screening of the film. Kata Mara and Felicity Jones were other celebrities who were present at the launch. All the celebrities were spotted wearing glamorous Miu Miu outfits, the designer wear line by Miuccia Prada , the sister of the famous designer Prada. Kirsten Dunst confirmed that she was not originally scheduled to attend the event, but since she happened to be in London, she decides to attend the event.

Today mobile messaging has become impersonal, but the comedy film somebody and related mobile app by miranda july and miu miu tries to infuse the human touch back into messaging service. As discussed earlier, a person who is located in the vicinity of the recipient will receive the sms message and personally deliver it to the concerned person, and different episodes of message delivery are covered in the short film. A teenage boy gets the message about his breakup from a big sportsman, a grandmother reunites two teenagers who are fighting, and a woman receives a proposal from a waiter who relays the message from her imprisoned boyfriend.

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