Miuccia Prada – Founder of Prada, Iconic Italian Fashion Designer

Miuccia Prada is one of the fashion designers in Italy. She wasborn in Milan, Italy on 10th may in the year 1949. She is known as the head of Prada and a fashion powerhouse. She is known for her specialization in providing luxury goods for both genders.

She has $11.1 billion as net worth. She earned such money as net worth by possessing the luxury goods manufacturer of her brothers in 1978. The manufacture is family oriented. She started to make waterproof backpacks from pocone. Patrizio Bertelli is one of her partners and later he became her husband.

Miuccia Prada – Founder of Prada

Miuccia Prada – Founder of Prada

In the year 1978, she and her husband took care of her family owned luxury goods manufacturer. Later, they turned their manufacture into the fashion powerhouse by acquiring Jil sander, Shoemaker church & co and Helmut Lang. Now she is the owner of 250 shops that are around the world.

She is fussy in nature in making her design. She made a design having a line of black and handbags woven using nylon that is her first hit in the year 1985. In 1989, she designed the first ready to wear for women.

In 1995, she started to design for men’s wear. In the year 1992, she introduced a costume called Miu Miu. This was a women wear that is less expensive so that all women can easily buy the wear. This costume wasadded in the wardrobe of Miuccia.

The prestigious award, fashion designers of American international award honored her in 1993. Patrizio Bertelli, her husband is taking care of the commercial products of her business. Miucci is known for her minimalist, classic, understated, cool and comfortable luxury she provided in her design. Her designs in clothes are having the best woman’s curves. She did her Ph.D. in the political science.

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