Natalie Portman flashes KNICKERS at Cannes

We recently caught the gorgeous Natalie Portman at the Cannes Film Festival in quite a revealing dress. However, we do agree that she carried off herself extremely well.

The striking actress provided an opportunity for the onlookers to have a proper look at her innerwear, which was actually quite visible. The outfit that the actress had donned was definitely quite a glamorous one; however, it was also at the same time, extremely revealing as well!

Natalie Portman flashes KNICKERS at Cannes

This weekend, actress Natalie Portman did have to go through a bit of a wardrobe mishap while she was at the Cannes Film Festival. She ended up flashing a bit of her knickers at this famous event.

The spectacular actress came over for the movie A Tale of Love and Darkness. It is supposed to be her directorial debut, and she is looking extremely magnificent as always. Her dress however did catch tons of attention from onlookers around as it was see through dress and onlookers can see her knickers.

Natalie Portman flashes KNICKERS at Cannes 1

However, when the wardrobe mishap took place she did not appear to be daunted at all. She had worn a cheeky dress and her underwear was unfortunately visible. She had a see-through skirt which ended up completing the glam outlook.

The star seemed to have spent quite a wonderful time in Southern France. And she was looking quite marvelous at the event. Even though she had chosen a racy sheer gown, she still appeared as confident and stunning and kind a show stopper.

The dress that she had worn had little beads at one corner with sleeves, which were quite frilly. This was one definitely glamorous look of Natalie and we hope her film does great at the box office!

This was the very initial time that the movie was being aired. We are glad to watch her star as Fania Oz and definitely wish to see her directorial skills!

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