Natural Face Packs for Dry Skin

Every woman who has dry skin should select the face packs that are natural in order to obtain the convenience in a higher manner.

Application of the face packs should according to the area otherwise it will not provide good effects.

Face Pack

Butter face pack:

Butter face pack is a well suited option for the dry skin because to maintain the skin in a healthy and shinny way. To make a paste of butter pack, they have to use little bit of water and butter and apply it on their face. This butter pack has to be leaved for 30 minutes and washed with cold water otherwise they cannot get expected level beauty.

Cabbage face pack:

Persons should mash the cabbage leaves to prepare face pack and they have to get cabbage juice from the leaves and add 10 drops of honey in it. they also should some quantity of yeast to the juice of cabbage and this cabbage face pack have to be applied in face and neck for obtaining best results. Cabbage pack is quite effective and efficient pack when compared to any other natural face packs for dry skin.

Almond face pack:

Almonds have to be soaked in milk for certain hours and they have to be applied in face and neck to obtain a glowing skin. This almond face pack will provide fair and glowing skin after the application on night time.

Banana face pack:

One should mash the bananas with egg white and apply on their face for fifteen minutes to get silky and smooth skin. Women do not have to visit beauty parlour when they try out this natural face pack in their home.

Cucumber and watermelon face mask:

They have to mix the watermelon and cucumber with yogurt and milk powder and apply it on face to remove blemishes.

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