Never-Before-Seen Marilyn Monroe Photos Come To New York

Though the last Marilyn Monroe photos were taken many years ago, recently an exhibition was held in New York featuring some never before seen Marilyn Monroe photos.

Though the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe died several decades ago, in what was reported to be a suicide, an exhibition featuring previously unreleased photos of the legendary actress, “Limited Runs”, the lost photos of Marilyn Monroe,  was held at Sumo Gallery 37 Walker at Church street in New York recently.


The exhibitor Pierre Vudrag who runs the website Limited Runs had collected the photos from a number of sources, over a period of time and wanted to share these with the public. Some of these photos had been sold by an auction house, which had promoted the event on The Today show on television.


One of the major sources of the unreleased photos for Pierre Vudrag was Allan Whitey Synder the personal friend and makeup artist of Marilyn Monroe. He was not a professional photographer, but he had started working with the actress at the very beginning of her career in 1946, when she gave her first screen test at 20th century fox, and remained close to her for the rest of her life. Recently they had auctioned a set of 60 photos of the actress. A rather unusual source of photos was Lani Carlson who managed to convince a studio to allow him to photograph the actress for half an hour.


Another major source of photos was the famous photographer Milton Greene who specialized in cover photos and shoots for fashion and lifestyle magazines like Life Look. After he first took a photograph of Marilyn Monroe and sent the photos to the actress, she was very pleased and said that she had never ever seen such beautiful photos.


Some of the photos were never published because the photographer thought they were not suitable for the cover topic. When the actress was alive, her photos were not in demand, since they would be published immediately and then become stale news. It was only several years after her death that the demand for her photos increased.

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