New Nail Colors That Will Complement Your Personality Are Launched

It is not the first time that NARS and Philip Lim are together. They have worked together before too. This time this partnership is offering something colorful and unique! NARS and Philip Lin are collaborating to offer nine nail polishes to the lovers of these colorful cosmetic to beautify nails. The companies rightly describe the newly launched nail polishes as ‘”well-edited” nail wardrobe. This launch will definitely make their partnership strong!

While introducing this new range of products Lim says “These are my colours. the colors that repeatedly inspire me, they’re repeatedly threaded in everything I do. every single colour or color has regarded within the collections for the entire history of the corporate. They’re my go-to colors”.

New Nail Colors That Will Complement Your Personality Are Launched

He added more to explain the idea that inspired theses shades: “I call them colors that exist in the shadows because in the sunlight hours you see one shade and at night you see something different; it additionally is determined by what you put on,” adds Lim. “They’re very transitional, very adaptable. I like colors that you would be able to in reality uncover.”

The unique collection of this new nail polish line includes Dark Room, black-bronze, Gold Viper, shimmery blue denim, sparkly champagne, black sea-green, Shutter, and Insidious.

The black-bronze color will be available only at NARS boutiques and the beauty brand’s website. The adorable colors are already in store from July 15. All these colors and also offered on

You can also shop these nail polishes from places like Sephora. They will be available at Sephora from 1st of August. The price of a single shade is $20, and the whole collection – all nine colors can be bought for $80. The price range is really affordable, if you want to go stylish and use branded products.

All lovely ladies out there are surely looking forward to wear these moody and unique shades!

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