New Romantics 1980s Fashion History

The New Romantics 1980s Fashion was a revival of historical fashion trends, involving use of dressing styles, fabrics and materials of historical eras.

The New Romantics 1980s Fashion trends were born out of the resentment for more popular punk and hip hop style of dressing by people who enjoyed dressing up and were aghast at the casual look adopted by many. It involved the revival of historical fashion trends, using elaborately designed and stitched clothes, using fabrics which were luxurious and expensive, colorful and glamorous designs which attracted attention. Initially the reach of this fashion trend was limited, but gradually permeated to cover all spheres of life, with the help of mass media channels like TV and print media.

Fashion Romantics

At first the influence of The New Romantics 1980s Fashion was limited to clubs, which in addition to the conventional programs on Friday and Saturday also started holding special nights on Tuesday, where people attending were dressed in New Romantics 1980’s fashion. Many popular music groups and rock stars like Adam and the Ant, Duran Duran, Visage, David Bowie, Boy Georgealso emulated this fashion trend, dressing accordingly for their public appearances as well as rock concerts. The pirate look was particularly popular, with frilled full sleeved shirts made from silk and luxurious brocade used extensively.

Unlike punk wear, which tends to be very uniform, the new romantics 1980s fashion was more individualistic, with each costume having a different look. The height of the trend was reached at the wedding of Lady Diana to Prince Charles where both of them wore elaborate outfits reflecting this trend. Thus this dressing style became especially popular for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, parties and formal occasions. A revival of this trend has been observed with flared or brocade jackets, and gowns made from luxurious  fabrics such as silk, satin or polyester, with padding used to highlight the figure.

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