New York Fashion Week had a stormy start

New York Fashion Week opened in the midst of possible thunderstorms as the region has been undergoing extremely hot and humid weather for days. AccuWeather has taken upon itself to save the day for all the fashion enthusiasts by giving in minute by minute updates about the local weather through their AccuWeather apps and their website which is free for all. This information with regards to the weather is coming from the experts of the leading global weather information company. They are trying to keep the fashion people chic dry by giving exact information about precipitation of each address of the locations where New York Fashion Week events are taking place.

They have made traveling possible for all fashion industry people and their audiences so that they can hop from one event to the other easily with the exact weather report at hand. The week long fashion event which the world looks up to is happening in the midst of thunderstorms and likely flash flooding specifically in the low lying regions. Umbrellas have become a must for all the fashion travelers and attendees. The coming week promises of more rain and storm according to weather forecasts. The Fashion Week is featuring the collections of the year 2016 by ace designers and fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren.

New York Fashion Week had a stormy start 1

Skylight at the Clarkson Square and Moynihan Station are the latest locations which have been added to the venue list of this year’s fashion event. Official programs are likely to be showcased at these venues. Marc Jacobs, Christian Siriano, Kate Spade and Daine Von Furstenberg are other designers showcasing at the Fashion Week in the city. However, the weather will be pleasant and attendees will be relieved from the sizzling heat as high temperatures are likely to drop to the 80s F during the weekend.

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