Nicole Kidman Had A ‘Blooming Up’ Accident At Golf Tournament!

It was one more Marilyn Monroe moment! It was Nicole Kidman who must have learned lesson that one should not wear a light skirt on the ground on a windy day! It is true that the actress did not pay much attention to it as she was present at the golf game in China on Saturday! The star did not hesitate to continue her participation in ‘Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am tournament’ even after the ‘Blooming’ accident! Many times as she played her skirt swirled on the wind and showed off her in-built undergarments. But the Oscar winner actress did not flinch a bit and continued playing her share.

The star played her stroke with a smile on her face. She was paired with pro golfer Greg Norman, for this golf tournament, did not look shocked with the skirt incidence and continued playing. The star was wearing an A-line pleated skirt that gave her a sporty look but could not stop swirling with the breeze. She paired her white skirt with a jacket and a baseball cap as it rained all through the day!

Nicole Kidman Had A ‘Blooming Up’ Accident At Golf Tournament 1

The 47year old Australian star, looked happy all through the rainy day on the ground, may be because of the good cause of the event. This particular charity competition comprised of 24 celebrities who included Morgan Freeman, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba and Yao Ming.  Each team had one star and one professional player. The proceeds from the tournament are supposed to go to the World Wildlife Fund as well as to Yao Ming Foundation.

This famous Marilyn Monroe image which Kidman actually repeated comes from  Marilyn’s movie named ‘The Seven Year Itch’ which released in 1955.In the original image you can see Monroe’s blown up skirt as she stands on  subway grate. In the movie Marilyn played a glamorous character that perfectly depicted from her light-colored swirling skirt.

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