Nordstrom is cooler now with Space

Many people who have visited Nordstrom before will agree that it is not what it was before. It is much better and happening than before. Olivia Kim who is the creative director for Nordstrom has brought in a lot of changes which is actually helping the brand develop more and more. The products and collections are extremely good and look cooler than before. They are available in Pop-in, Madewell, Warby Parker shop, Topshop and recently added Space. One can easily window shop and look for themselves what’s new in there for them or tour the place.

Space – the creation of Olivia Kim – is a mini boutique. One can easily find the best of the best designers work in there. The high end stores of Nordstrom will find Space opened next to them. It can even found online. The flagship stores by Nordstrom have the newly created Space next to them with the best of brands and labels like Simone Rocha, Marques’Almeida and so on. Olivia Kim has decorated Space and has selected the brands and products from the best designers and artists.

Nordstrom is cooler now with Space 1

Olivia claimed that they had the big brands like Celines ad Givenchy but they still felt they need to have something like that of boutique brands. She felt that boutiques will definitely help make their customers understand their thought process and designs.  The idea came from this thought and which galvanized into the creation of Space for Nordstrom. The need for trending brands in the flagship stores along with big names triggered the creation. Each piece has Olivia’s personal taste and her influence can be seen all over the place right from the furniture to the collections and the staff. She wants her customer not to take Nordstrom as just a department store but think beyond it. She has been working on this thought for quite some time now.

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