Not Confidant to Wear Sleeveless? Listen What Erin Walsh Says

This summer you can wear sleeveless tops with lots of confidence! If wearing tanks and showing off your arms is giving you lot of stress, then what you need to do is to change your look out. You not necessarily need to have well-toned hands, but you should care about ‘the right’ fit.

The stylist Erin Walsh tells to a reputed online weekly, Us Weekly, that, “It’s all about proportions.” Walsh is a famous celebrity stylist who has big names like Kerry Washington and Sarah Jessica Parker in her clientele. This summer she is collaborating with Dove Advanced Care to make women feel confident to show-off their bare arms.

Not Confidant to Wear Sleeveless

Erin Walsh totally believes that any style especially the sleeveless has nothing to do whether you are XS or XL. You really need to carry it. In her own words, “For sleeveless styles, it’s all about confidence, so if you’re a size 2 or a 20, it’s about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing.”

Walsh also gives some tips. She tells where actually you should concentrate to find out the best top for you. According to her you should start looking up from your biceps and begin with your shoulders.  She further adds that if you have little broad shouldered figure, then you should first concentrate on the most feminine part of the shoulders like your collarbones. ”

For ladies with less toned arms she advices, “You don’t have to wear something tight. There are plenty of sleeveless shirts that are billowy and don’t cut into your arms.” For ladies who are still confused can try an A-line style.  She adds, “It tends to narrow and elongate while showing the finer points of your shoulders, and that’s generally more flattering.”

Walsh is a New York City-based stylist, who signed on The Wall Group, the styling agency. She started her career as assistant of Vogue editor Phyllis Posnick.

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