Its time for Fashion Revolution Day!

It was on April 24, 2013, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, sadly more than 1,000 people ended up being killed and around more than 2,500 people were injured when in the Rana Plaza complex, an eight story building suddenly collapsed. It was a horrifying incident for everyone and to this day, we do feel the great loss which happened on the very same day, around two years back!

Rana Plaza complex was a well known area where there were several housed factories set up, and there were several people employed as they worked in the factories which manufactured clothes for European and American companies. However, to our horror, the Bangladesh sweatshop disaster was not the only disaster that had struck!

Fashion Revolution Day, is celebrated on April 24, and this event takes place every year where people from all around the globe are invited to take part in this global event. On this day people get to know more about and get conscious and aware about the people who work hard to manufacture clothes for us. This is one product which we cannot do without, this is why people are made to realize about their labor and they way they work day and night to produce clothes for all of us.

Now Wear The Clothes You Love To Flaunt on the Fashion Revolution Day

Now to appreciate people who have been working day and night to produce clothes for us, people have come about with the #whomademyclothes (challenge) on Twitter, where common people will have to post their selfies but wear their clothes inside out so that they can display their label in the selfie.

Now Wear The Clothes You Love To Flaunt on the Fashion Revolution Day 1

This is a small way to show appreciating and gratefulness to all those people who work on tough conditions, only to bring out the best of clothes for us.

It is time to go with the #whomademyclothes style and appreciate hard work!

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