NYFW Trends for Fashion Lovers!

New York Fashion Week specifically represented a few trends. Such trends are of kind which will be loved by today’s woman.Designers used soft colors which  included pale pink, sunshine yellow, powder blue, and not to forget citrine. Some artists used muted colors as basic themes and did detailing with warmer tones like sage with a pop of orange to red color. Purple was also favorite color of the designers as they exhibited attires of colors ranging from amethyst to deep indigo. At some instances one could see ‘Metallic’ finish which added a modern touch to the designs.

Designers used lots of Natural colors. They must have had Mother Nature in mind while working on their designs. When it came to the prints it indeed looked like inspired from nature. It had leafy greens, bright, and bold flower prints and delicate florals, which were put against dark background. Glamorous look for the spring will surely come from one-shoulder dresses. Tiny cut-outs and the few clinging neckline gave it a sensual look.

NYFW Trends for Fashion Lovers

Special effects were due to embroidery, bejeweled embellishments, beaded, sequins and appliqués. For a routine spectator it might look like just a simple print but a closer look displayed hand-woven designs and detailing done. A few designers added visual effects to their designs with the help of origami like folds.

This season did limit the fashion to specific gender. We came across boyish, huge-sized silhouettes which had earthy colors. At some places we could see both feminine and masculine trends coming together, for example, a pair of printed or colorful shorts in combination with boxy blazer.

Pleated look gave fluidity to all long as well as short garments. Like from floor-length chiffon dresses to the midi-skirts. Pleating also gave an expensive look when used for tops and jackets.

At the shows shoes and sandals were very important elements. There were few unusual matches with dresses were seen. For example, when we expected stilettos, designers used routine sandals which gave it a very sporty look.

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