Olivia Palermo Is Now Style Icon- Becomes Cover Girl For The Edit!

We know Olivia Palermo as an American socialite. She became highly popular through the reality television show named The City. The show documented the personal as well as professional lives of Whitney Port along with her friends. But now we are seeing her doing something entirely different! The 28 year old reality star will now be seen on the cover page of Net-A-Porter.com’s weekly fashion glossy named ‘The Edit’! The newly wed is ready to make new transformation and we know that this is the indication!

The photo shot shows revision of the old memories from 60’s. We can see the socialite-changed-style icon checkered tile floor, with different fashion trends from the golden older times! There are varieties of looks. We will get to see the best of 60’s, starting from  bright colored skits made up of leather material to pastel-hued cocoon coats. Our favorite reality star will be seen in golden brown hair which are styled as d high bun.

Olivia Palermo Is Now Style Icon- Becomes Cover Girl For The Edit!1

In this issue she talks about how one can dress up perfectly by layering. It is always good to go for mix-n-match. She further adds, “As you get dressed, take a look to see if anything needs to be done. I tend to go with the detailing. I have endless skinny belts. There is always a place for a big belt, but sometimes when you’re layering pieces you need to hide the belt and a skinny one does that.” But Palermo also advises that you cannot use random things just for the sake of it!  She adds further by saying, “Take a razor blade to a sweater if it’s bobbling – it takes the balls off. Double-sided tape is also one of my favorites. Oh, and if you want to roll your sleeves up and they won’t stay, push them up with very thin hair elastics.”

The style icon has plans to start her own line but she admits that this is probably not the right time to do it!

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