Olivia Palermo Rocks the Fashion Shoot of Edit in Cool 60’s Era Look

The swinging 60’s fashion is back with Olivia Palermo. The MTV reality star, Olivia Palermo is now a part of the fashion industry’s elite by posing as the cover girl of The Edit which is the Net-A-Porter.com’s weekly fashion glossy. This is really milestone for the newly wed Olivia, 28, to be a part of The Edit. The checkered tile floor as background with a throwback spread set on it, Olivia wears a bright leather skirt with a pastel colored cocoon coats which is inspired from the 60’s era. Olivia sports a high bun with this dress. The socialite’s look is put together carefully with emphasis on every detail of the dress and the overall look.

Olivia advises that one should always check for little details when dressing so that nothing is missing. She tends to go for detailing herself when she dresses. She claims to have endless skinny belts and says that there is place for big belts. She says for layering pieces you need to hide the belt and this can be done by skinny belts.

Olivia Palermo Rocks the Fashion Shoot of Edit in Cool 60’s Era Look

She advices to take a razor blade for sweaters which have got bobbling as it will take off the balls. Double sided tape is her favorite and if she needs to roll up her sleeves which does not stay put, she uses very thin hair elastics to push them and keep it in place. Though she serves style inspiration herself she has not yet decided to opt for creating her own line.

She says she would love to open her own fashion house sometime but it is not the right time for her. She says when the timing is right she will do it in stages. As for now, she is too focused on her latest project which is footwear brand Aquazzura. She says she likes little toe cleavage and high heels when it comes to shoes.

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