Olivia Palermo Turns Shoe Designer

Celebrity blogger and entrepreneur Olivia Palermo announced that she would be collaborating with noted Italian shoe brand Aquazzura for a capsule collection.

It was recently announced that entrepreneur and popular fashion celebrity blogger Olivia Palermo would be collaborating with the famous Italian shoe brand Aquazzura on the design of a capsule collection consisting of must have shoes for every women’s shoe rack. Olivia Palermo has often been a friend of the founder and creative director of the Italian label Edgar Osorio for a very long time, and has often been photographed wearing the creations of the founder of the Florence based shoe label Aquazzura. This collaboration is only a natural progression of their long term relationship.

Olivia Palermo Turns Shoe Designer

Plermo said that Aquazzura sense of style and fashion matched her own, and since it was well known that she liked good shoes, so she was looking forward to working with the fashion label to create a survival pack consisting of shoes to be used on all occasions, designed to be worn by women of all ages. Usually women wear different types of shoes depending on the occasion to office, for parties, outdoors, in winter, summer, while holidaying, and they have to spend a lot of time searching for suitable comfortable and quality shoes.

The capsule collection from Aquazzura consists of six different types of shoes- knee length boots that can be tied up, sandals with jewellery, leather sandals with metallic designs, gladiator sandals which can be tied with laces, flat shoes made from suede and snakeskin, and booties made from suede. Osorio said that both he and Olivia Palermo had a very similar fashion vision for shoes to be worn by women and Palermo was extremely well informed about the shoes and accessories suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds. Hence they have collaborated to create a capsule collection consisting of all the shoes needed by a woman in her closet.

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