Olivier Rousteing celebrates his 30th birthday in Los Angeles

There were plenty of supermodels all around and a few of the Kardashians too. There was a heartfelt performance by the rapper Tyga! What a grand way to celebrate your birthday, isn’t it? Fashion people have always been known to celebrate their birthday in the wildest of ways and in the most magnificent and dreamy locales!

After a few weeks of hardworking and arduous work, that included the Balmain’s spring 2016 collection in Paris  presentation together with the opening party for French label’s forthcoming collaboration with H&M, it seems like Olivier Rousteing made sure that at least he makes the most of his birthday. And well he sure did that in the most stylish way.

Olivier Rousteing celebrates his 30th birthday in Los Angeles 1

On his 30th birthday, Rousteing invited most of his celeb friends and the who’s who of the industry and well, evidently the Kardashians, to a very private residence in Laurel Canyon. He invited all to have a fun-filled and wild birthday party with a lot of drinking, dancing and posing as well, as per the Instagram pictures. Even though the party was supposed to be a ‘belated’ one since the man has been over the top busy all this while, yet this did not stop the ‘Army of Balmain’ at all and they came across in full force and it looks like they were quite close to the recent collection of the brand.

Not only this, the guests had a blast and a smashing performance was set by Tyga aka Kylie Jenner’s rapper boyfriend. The guests also enjoyed with a Balmain-encouraged birthday cake and some outstandingly remarkable view of Hollywood Hills all trough the evening.

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