H&M and Other Stories collaborated with a new Instagram account

It has been a recent trend with most big brands to collaborate with famous designers and come out with a special collection or edition. Target, H&M and other big names have been seen trending the Internet for the same reason. The latest to join the bandwagon is the sister brand of H&M, & Other Stories, which was launched in 2013. It had been collaborating with designers, though not big like the ones who collaborate with H&M but slightly lesser known but still cooler. For instance Claire Vivier, Rachel Antonoff, Lykke Li, Ada Kokosar have been seen collaborating with & Other Stories.

The Swedish brand’s collaboration with a stylist like Ada Kokosar who is quite known inside the country but not so outside is quite interesting and obscure.  These collaborations are quite exciting as it is obscure and therefore making an interesting combination of retailers and designers or stylists as pointed out by Lauren Sherman.

& Other Stories collaborated with a new Instagram account

An instagram account has also been launched by the name @adakokosarstories which will be responsible for posting pictures from the collection till it does not hit the stores. It is due to hit the stores by September 17 and Giorgia Tordini is being consulted for its creative aspects.

A spokesperson from & Other Stories recently added through an email that they are happy with Ada Kokosar’s effort to spread the news about their collaboration through Instagram and also notified that the details coming in are for the period till the launch is not officially taking place. Ada Kokosar has about 8949 followers which is modest and respectable who can easily get influenced through the account with regards to the launch. & Other Stories does not follow such a way to promote their brand and had been quite a stable brand till date. The collections are usually cool at the stores and stores are more like boutique.

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