Palermo’s Three-Piece Wedding Dress

Unlike most famous Celebrities, Olivia Palermo’s dress at her wedding was a rather unconventional three piece combination which used a sweater and shorts

Celebrity Olivia Palermo was recently married in a private ceremony at a countryside park in Bedford in New York, and the photos which were available online June 30, 2014 at first glance , showed that the actress was wearing a conventional white wedding dress, worn by most brides.  The photos were posted online using the Olivia Palermos twitter account.  On closer examination, however, it became obvious that Palermo was using a rather unconventional combination of different garments to create a unique look for her wedding which appeared to be a conventional wedding gown.


Since Olivia Palermo was often pictured wearing dresses worn by famous designers like Cavialli and valentino, there was a lot of speculation about which dress designer she would use for her wedding dress. However, it appears that she had chosen to defy traditional norms and wear a rather unusual wedding dress by Caroline Herrera, consisting of a combination of three different garments, blending comfort with style.  The three separates used for her wedding dress were a light full sleeve white cashmere sweater,   delicate inner shorts and a white tulle skirt to create an illusion of a conventional wedding dress. For a touch of blue, the actress wore manolo courts as shoes

The actress was photographed with her groom, who was also wearing white with a grey tie at the wedding.  The simplicity of her outfit invited a lot of comment, since she was usually photographed in designer garments. However, wedding watcher justified the outfit, saying that it was just an informal civil wedding, where only her family and two friends were invited. It is believed that she would wear a more suitable designer wedding gown at the formal wedding ceremony, where a larger number of guests would be invited.

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