Paper Dresses for women

Paper has been used for making accessories like fans and dresses for a very long period of time, but the trend of paper dresses was relatively new.

Compared to fabric like cotton, linen, silk, polyester, blends, paper remains inexpensive, though it cannot be used for long periods of time. Paper has been used for a long time for making accessories like fans but the usage for complete apparel like dress has been relatively limited. Cardboard was used for making hats and caps for a period of time, and intricate handbags made from newspapers have also been featured in museums with other paper clothing. Raincoats made from brown Kraft paper were also used, and during the First World War Germans wore paper coats since import of fabrics was blocked due to sanctions.


Party dresses from crepe paper were popular and fun costumes more than five decades ago. Halloween costumes made from paper were also extremely popular as they were inexpensive and durable if they did not become wet and were not exposed to water. Often disposable cuffs and collars made from paper were used by traveling salesmen who did not have the time or facilities to wash the conventional cuffs and collars from fabrics. Paper continued to be used in advertising for paper caps, and for hygiene products such as napkins, tissue papers and diapers.

However, paper dresses became really popular in 1966 when Scott paper releases two different designs of paper dresses as a promotional item to publicize their other products. However, these paper dresses became really very popular among women, and many other companies started imitating this trend. This was followed by Mars of Asheville, North Carolina who released a series of printed colorful A line paper dresses which were expensive and sold through department stores. James sterling also produced paper dresses, but these higher end dresses with complicated designs and included pant suits with matching hat.

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