Paris Hilton’s Awful pink tracksuit in Cannes

The beautiful 34-year-old heiress this time ended up trying something quite different from the mass. And the end result is really not good! Throughout the week we caught her in scintillating and gorgeous looking gowns. However at Cannes she came out for a casual trip and looked quite cool, casual and a bit under dressed!

We all know very well that in Tinsel town, Paris Hilton has an extensive range of clothes. This is the reason why it looked a bit weird when such a lavish hotel heiress ended up looked a bit under dressed. We have never caught her before in such a situating before.

Paris Hilton’s Awful pink tracksuit in Cannes 1

On Wednesday in Cannes we caught the 34-year-old heiress wearing quite a simple track suit. It was a bit different dress code which we generally do not see Paris wearing. And the dress was awful!

The gorgeous blonde beauty looked extremely peppy and bright in her pink track suit as she came out of a magnificent yacht. Paris came into the bidding war with Leonardo DiCaprio early in this week.

Paris Hilton’s Awful pink tracksuit in Cannes 2

Well, to provide Paris with a fair play chance, this track suit was not just a simple track suit, if you think so! There is no doubt about this that it was quite an up market number. And we all understood this by the white font which has market all over her track suit as ‘Moschino’.

She tried to push in a bit of style as she paired it with a modishly designed flat shoes and a pair of glares. Thus even though she wore a different outfit this time, the millionaires did not miss to shine out in her chic and fashionable pink number. But she looked a bit under dressed in that pink number!

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