Patagonia too cut ties with Ovis 21

Recently, Stella McCartney made news by announcing that she will not take wool from the Argentinean supplier. It is because animal rights institution PETA has exposed their inhumane treatment of the animals on the ranch. The graphic video were released by PETA against the malpractices of the supplier Ovis 21 which compelled the vegetarian designer to cut all ties with the wool supplier. The outdoor retailer Patagonia was also in news as they too had the same supplier. The retailer had denounced the practices of Ovis 21 but had not given any such statement with regards to curbing any supplies coming from the supplier and was not as fast as Stella McCartney.

Patagonia has finally decided to sever all ties with the wool supplier. Earlier the Californian retailer had made statements with regards to the video as shocking and saddening. Later it had also stated that the video was misleading and that they are committed to their supplier from Argentina.

Patagonia cut ties with Ovis 21

However the outdoor retailer has had a change of thoughts now. In a recent statements issued on Instagram on Monday by the clothing and gear retailer, it has been announced that they will not take any more supplies from Ovis 21, just like Stella McCartney.

The retailers said that they have been deliberating and discussing the issue at hand with their wool supplier and were in shock after seeing the footage of the videos. After much investigation and assessment they have come to the conclusion that they will no longer take any more supplies from the Ovis ranch as it is the right thing. They believe that they cannot make any changes in the Ovis 21 ranch and so therefore they will no longer take any more supplies from the wool supplier. Rose Marcario, Patagonia’s CEO has also come quite openly in their blog that how important it is to have strong laws and standards with regards to animal treatment.

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