Paul Poiret is all set for a revamp

Most fashion houses, which have been dominating the fashion world for decades, are seen being revamped or resurrected by some business man or corporate houses these days. It is so because there are not many fashion brands and therefore the need to restructure them or bring in a fresh change is the need of the hour.

Diego Della Valle, CEO of Tod, revived Schiaparelli recently while Frederic Torloting and Jacques Bungert, the former ad executives, restored Courreges. Likewise Harvey Weinstein is trying to resurrect Charles James. Next in line with the restructuring and revamp is the 80 year old French fashion house. It created quite a wave in Paris in the early 20th century by supporting loose fitted dresses instead of the old corseted style and brought in a change.

Paul Poiret is all set for a revamp

Shingsegae International, the Korean company, is famous for its retail partnership with Burberry, Givenchy and Celine which are top luxury brands. It has bought the global trademark and rights of Paul Poiret including their archive collection through an online auction. The Korean company wants to revamp the brand in Paris and redevelop it.

Paul Poiret is all set for a revamp 1

The managing director Arnaud de Lummen from Luvanis based in Luxembourg sold these global rights in the online auction to Shingsegae International. Industry experts are waiting to see how Shingsegae will generate enough interest among the new generation with regards to the old fashion house and what path they will take in order to revamp the brand as they do not have much experience in this line of work.

Poiret who was a French couturier was immensely talented and had the power to create designs and think beyond the usual lifestyle and clothing style. Hopefully Shingsegae will be able to redevelop the fashion house in line with Poiret’s sense of style accordingly so that it can see some success.

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