A Famous Model Walked on Road bare bodied

What will be your reaction if you find a model walking amidst the busy town, but wearing actually nothing? You must be shocked at this unexpected sight? Or are you thinking that such a question is nothing but a wastage of your precious time? Often different kinds of weird as well as ridiculous fashion come to the headline. But this one was entirely shocking and people gaped in amazement.

Do you think it is just a false idea you are being given here? No, not at all. It is true completely.

A famous model was found walking without clothes on the road. It happened in Buenos Aires which is regarded as the capital of Argentina. This famous model and artist, Paula Brindisi, aged 30, came out on the road in broad daylight, wearing nothing. She has the experiment loving ability got and people were shocked rather confused. They probably could not realize how they should react.

Paula Brindisi Becomes The Headline Again

Actually it is not the first time when Paula have done something like this. Before this incident, she was arrested for such a behavior in the year, 2005. But she gave an explanation regarding the whole issue later and cleared it to all that it was nothing but a professional cause since she had been working for an artistic project.

This time too Paula had her explanation for such an unexpected behavior again. According to her, she walked on the road wearing no clothes because it was for a project of photography which had its start in Barcelona and the continuation went on in the capital of Argentina. The main theme of this project was to capture the reaction of common people when they would find someone around them performing the regular activities like them, but the difference is only that person has worn no clothes at all.

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