Peasant dress worth $375, enrages people all around the internet

Everybody in the web world have been alarmingly set on fire as recently a US fashion label sold a dress labeled as the “peasant dress” and it was being sold for a whopping $375, which comes to around £250 roughly!

This dress as advertised under the label 6397, on the New York-based fashion website has become a mocking picture for everyone around. In fact, everybody has been so furious that they have been posting irritable messages which keep on ticking one after another. The dress is nothing close to worth, $375; in fact, it appears to be an unshaped long t-shirt along with loose-fitting sleeves. Nothing worth the amount it is being labeled at!

Peasant dress worth $375, enrages people all around the internet


In fact, the whole issue was brought to light when one of the Reddit users ended up posting the picture of that dress and not only this the comment was something which evoked emotions of anger from all around the internet world.

It did not take long for this post to spread like fire and with comments pouring in one after the other. Of course, users kept on criticizing the picture and the retailer too, whilst many called the model adorning that dress, a mental patient too!

Several of the users who were commenting also showed their criticism on the idea of poverty in fashion, and stated that poverty must not be sported under the label of fashion.

Many of the users also associated it to the Urban Outfitters chain and outrageously commented that the sell dreary looking clothes at prices that simply not worth the dresses!

Many of them also include names of fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood who in the year 2011 held a fashion show based on the title, “Homeless Chic”. They stated that a few fashion designers sometimes came about with weird fashion sense and there was simply no need of associating poverty with fashion, in the first place!

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