Pharrell Williams Talks about Being Environmental Friendly and Reveals Skin Secrets!

We all know Pharrell Williams alias Pharrell as an American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and not to forget a musician. He is ‘Most wanted’ by everyone! Fans want him, fashion models want him, and last but not the least MTV wants him too!

He was recently spotted at his latest project, whereby he launches a line of G-Star denim, which is made up out of recycled plastic that surely benefits ocean conservation. He said at the event, “This is like Soul Train!” while adjusting hisdenim jacket. At the event he explained ‘Raw for the Oceans’, which is denim collaboration with a special fabric. This cloth is made from reusable plastic. This plastic is main culprit which is responsible for polluting our water resources. He adds, “The earth is our home. You don’t crash at your mom’s and then leave the whole place a mess, do you?”As Williams made such ‘socially responsible’ statements he sounded more like Al Gore and not like a popular pop-star!

Pharrell Williams Talks about Being Environmental Friendly and Reveals Skin Secrets

Along with all qualifications stated above he is famous for one thing! Any guesses? Yes his skin and looking ageless always! When asked about it he said with a gentle smile that he does not do much to make his skin look good. What he does is uses a basic cleanser that to not specific to any brand! Williams said that being his skin very oily, cleansing becomes very important. He always uses cold water that helps keeping his skin fresh and young. He added about water usage as, “We’re made of almost all water, you know; it’s part of our very essence. And we still don’t take care of it! But water is truly everything.”

While reporters tried to tap his interest in politics after such a responsible talk, he clearly replied, “No ma’am. I don’t have any interest in that!”

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