Phoebe and Annette Stephens Are Experimenting With Colors!

It is really hard to find out accessories that have similarity to Anndra Neen. The label Anndra Neen was founded by Phoebe Stephens and Annette Stephens in April 2009. The collection is the way they define jewelry and accessories together.  The accessory and jewelry by sisters is always exclusive. The designs always look like inspired from vintage baubles, Egyptian symbols. The handmade nickel-silver pieces give a special feeling. They are easy to – carry also. They have mixture of being earthy and modern at the same time and so anyone can wear them.

But for the ‘Spring collection’, Stephens sisters are trying something different. They have designed a collection which would have pieces belonging to same class but this time in bright colors! The designers explain, “We were inspired by Constructivist painters like Kandinsky and Rodchenko, focusing on the architectural shapes and combinations of colors.” In this collection we will get to see perfect squares, neat circles as a part of design. Semi-precious stones will be used which would be made fit in their signature metal that gives a raw look.

Phoebe and Annette Stephens Are Experimenting With Colors

This new collection looks like a re-design effort by the duo. One can see it as the same piece is been re-visited and re-imagined! Their cage clutch is made to look different with use of freshwater pearls that float inside. The other jewelry pieces like cuffs, rings and pendants are decorated with stones like blue lapis, purple quartz, shiny yellow pyrite, and marble. Phoebe explains, “We also used lava stone, which reminds us of Mexico so much,” Both sisters were in Mexico City prior their attendance in college in America.

At the latest presentation, models were seen wearing all possible colors. This may be the result of Anndra Neen and Lorena Saravia coming together! The colors made all collection look beautiful. Annette said, “This is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We really want to delve into what can be done with color.”

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