Plaited Hair – Hassle Free Fashion Trend For Summer

Hairstyles are always evolving and some of the latest hairstyles 2014 are straightened hair left open, ponytail and braided hair or plaits.

Plaited Hair – Hassle Free Fashion Trend For Summer

Though plaits were common till a few decades ago in many parts of the world because of the convenience, they have been considered old fashioned as hair is increasing considered to be a sign of beauty, and so women are conditioned to leave their hair open or wear ponytails.

Plaited hair is easy to look after, and the hair does not get entangled like hair left open or in a ponytail. So this hairstyle is particular suitable for home makers who do not want their hair coming in the way of daily chore, or women in factories where their hair can get entangled in machinery.

Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, the woman may have a single plait or two plaits. Younger girls usually have thick hair and two plaits. As women grow older, they lose hair and wear single plaits.

The plaiting can be a basic style or an elaborate pattern, depending on the familiarity with different braiding styles and time available. If hair is left open, especially while sleeping or very dry, it is liable to get entangled or break, resulting in thinning hair. Removing the knots in the hair can be a time consuming process. Hence plaiting can reduce hair loss and damage to the hair.

While plaited hair does not complement the face, or hide the flaws, it is in many cases, a very practical hair style. If hair is left open, it covers the neck, and in regions where summer temperatures are high, this can result in increased sweating and discomfort.

For plaited hair the hair is bunched today, leaving the neck and back directly exposed to the atmosphere, increasing the area available for cooling directly. The plaits may be tied together using ribbons or rubber bands or specially designed hair bands in different colors to match the outfit worn or to blend with the hair.

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