Platinum rings of the year 2014

Platinum metal is an incomparable metal that have unique qualities such as no fade in metal and no change in color as the time passes.

Platinum rings are preferred by couples to use it for engagements and weddings. Platinum is the celebration of love with its beauty and endurance. The platinum metal would not get faded or change the color as the time passes. Platinum love bands holding channel set with diamond stones on it. The weight of the band for men is 6.58 grams and the weight of women band is 4.23 grams.

Platinum rings of the year 2014

The platinum love bands inspired from endless love knot with channel set diamond will symbolize the eternal love of a couple. The band has diamond centered on it. Platinum band with rope texture in hi-polish and mat will have an inspiration of couple holding hands. The texture of ribbons is intercrossed like fingers intertwined. Platinum love bands inspired from Celtic knot in hi-polish finish will resemble the concept of the moment you found your love and make new vows.

Platinum love bands holding channel set diamonds will have interlinked knots in the platinum bands. A diamond is placed at the center. The diamond at the center will tell the story of your eternal love. Platinum love bands in mirror textured finish will have an unconventional finishes with mismatched patterns to give a stunning look. Platinum love bands in matt finish and pave set diamonds will show how the people understand each other. The row of diamonds in the women band will fist into the path of diamonds in the men band.  Platinum love bands with micro prong set diamonds is a symbolic of commitment. Platinum love bands with pave set diamonds will reflect the concept of endless love.  The platinum rings are made with a concept in it.

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