Princess Eugenie Collaborates With Jewelry Designer For Charity

Princess Eugenie will be collaborating with jewelry designer Daisy London to release designer bracelets, with profits supporting the RNOH

It has been announced that Princess Eugenie, the cousin of crown Prince William and Prince Harry will collaborate with noted jewelry designer daisy London to release a series of bracelets for women of all ages, with profits supporting the redevelopment appeal of the Royal National Orthopaedics Hospital. The princess has been associated with the hospital ever since she underwent treatment at the hospital for scoliosis at the age of 12. She will always be obliged to the hospital for the excellent treatment she received when she was needed it.

Princess Eugenie Collaborates With Jewelry Designer For Charity_FI

The designer bracelets which have a delicate design are available in different precious and semi precious metals like gold, rose gold and silver to be selected depending on the outfit worn and the occasion. The prices of these bracelets vary from $92 to $118 depending on the metal used and the design of the bracelet, which are suitable for both formal as well as informal occasions.. The princess herself has been photographed in these special designer bracelet dressed in a light green sleeveless dress.

The funds raised from the profits made from the sale of the bracelets will be donated for the renovation of the Royal National Orthopedics Hospital (RNOH), which is in urgent need of redevelopment. Since it is a worthy cause, Princess Eugenie has urged people to generously contribute to the cause, by purchasing the designer jewelry bracelets, through different media outlets. She is the patron of the redevelopment appeal for the RNOH , which will include a family accommodation unit incorporating the latest technologies, named after her  as the Princess Eugenie House. She is grateful to all those who generously contribute to this cause..

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