Pro Makeup Tips You Can Easily Do At Home

While many women are fashion conscious, they often find it difficult to find the right makeup, and some very effective makeup tips have been provided.

While fashionable clothes matter, often the right makeup can make a world of difference to the appearance of a woman. Many women do not know how to do their makeup properly, lacking guidance for the same. They can either read some makeup tips online and offline, or then buy some expensive cosmetic products which have been recommended. Alternately, they can learn to do their makeup perfectly after some trial and error, experimenting with different materials, or get some tips from makeup experts, who have learn how to make their makeup perfectly.

Pro Makeup Tips

Fuller and well defined lips

The cream highlighter used for making the dark circles less prominent are used on the margins of the lips, and then blended in, to make the lips look fuller.

Make lips look plumper

Before applying lip gloss, add peppermint or cinnamon oil to the gloss, and the lips will look plumper

Help the lipstick last longer

Place a tissue paper on the lips, after applying lipstick, and tap translucent powder on the lipstick to make it last longer

Thicker eyebrows

Apply a tinted brow gel to the eyebrows after dabbing translucent powder to make them look thicker, suitable for women with thin eyebrows or who have made a mistake plucking their eyebrows

Conceal dark circles and make eyes look less puffy

A remedy different from the conventional remedies for dark circle, involves taking a bottle of soda from the refrigerator and holding it near the puffy eyes. After this concealer is applied to the eyes in the form of dots instead of stripes which are commonly applied. The concealer will then be blended into the skin, instead of getting wiped away.

Long lasting Blow dried hair

Twist the hair into a bun at night before going to sleep, secure it with hair pins. In the morning, the hair will be soft and wavy, easily fashioned into any hairstyle.

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