Project You Slimmer With Slim Fit Jeans

Recent trends among the women are slim fit jeans. If we go back to see the origin of these jeans, breeches and hosen were the first ever worn jeans. Initially breeches were of loose fittings. Later on in mid 16th centuries these breeches were fashioned in different way by tightening it.

Frenchmen take the creditability of popularizing these tight breeches. Later on that fashion was outdated and revolution of loose trousers evolved back. At this modern fast-moving trendy world, old fashion is emerging as the funky and trendy clothing.


There are two types of clothing styles, one is regular fit and the other is slim fit jeans. Slim fit jeans drapes comfortably around the body close but never tightens like other jeggings and skinny jeans. Women Slim fit jeans always have a tapered end at the ankles, where they often tuck them into high Knee boots. The tampered end of the women slim fit jeans make a sleek look, Ballet flat are paired with these sleek look slim fit jeans to enhance the appearance.

Slim fit jeans often named and called in different ways like stovepipes, tight jeans, and pencil jeans, drain pipes jeans. In some kinds of slim fit ladies jean zippers are needed at the ankle to enable the ladies to pull them over the knees. Slim fit jeans come out with varieties of colours and styles to facilitate better fashion ability and look. Slim fit jeans for ladies have put a step forward in coming up with advanced model called super slim fit jeans. These super slim fit jeans are stretched denim with 2% to 4% of spandex. When it comes to slim fit wear, varies controversial arguments comes into count. Various questions are raised such as which body types should pull them or cannot pull them, when it is appropriate to wear or who are appropriate to wear it goes from sex, age, occupation, nationality to even race counts it.

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