Red Alert: How to wear this season’s hottest color

Red is the in fashion color this season, seen on celebrities and in high street fashion, and a look at how this can be incorporated in the clothes.

The color red is the hot color this season, and can be seen everywhere right from haute couture garments seen on the runway to the extremely affordable high street retail outfits. On the red carpet at the Emmy award function 2014, many stylish celebrities were seen wearing red in their outfits ranging from the actresses in Mad Men to Claire Danes. A number of retailers are offering garments in every shade of red to meet their customers demand. Additionally, many fashion designers like the House of Holland, Matthew Williamson have incorporated red in their fashion collections on display.

Red Alert - How to wear

Since red is a very bright color, many women wonder how to incorporate this color in their outfit without looking garish. One way to do so, is wearing a pair of red trousers which may be jean like or sports trousers like jogging pants. These can be worn like any other kind of pants, such as jeans, they do not need to be specially combined. The colors Red and pink can be combined together to form an outfit, as these colors match well with each other. Outfits mixing these two colors were widely seen in the autumn winter collection of many fashion designers.

If wearing scarlet red outfits may deter some women, they can wear clothes in different shades of red such as berry, burgundy or plum, which are less bright in color, and will look less conspicuous especially on formal occasions. For women who do not want to wear a bright red outfit which will be very conspicuous, an alternative will be wearing or having red colored accessories. A red color handbag or clutch bags, shoes or sandals can add a touch of color to the otherwise drab outfit making it look far more colorful.

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