Reed Krakoff is all set to revive

Reed Krakoff, the famous luxury brand, is all prepared for its revival. However, as soon as news came out that production and design of the brand will be suspended and its stores will be shut down, everyone thought that the brand is no longer continuing and the company has shut down for good.

This happened in March when the company decided to put off its production and design. However on its website, it tells a different story. A placeholder can be seen announcing that the brand is here to stay and is currently undergoing transformation. It will soon showcase its totally new designs and look.

 Reed Krakoff is all set to revive 1

Krakoff’s signature stuff can be seen next to the announcement on the website. Silver espadrilles, sunglasses, tote bag, watch, monochrome tee and an iPhone with stickers can be seen on the website; however they do not look good and do not seem to belong to the brand. WWD tried reaching to the brand for further details but no one from the brand had anything to say or give any details. Hence we should wait and watch for the brand’s upcoming collections.

It is believed that Krakoff is planning to expand its customer base by making its products available for lower price so that more and more people can afford it. In a February interview with Fashionista, Krakoff talked about his plans of lowering the price tags in order to reach out to a broader section of society. According to him, luxury brands should not sell on the basis of its price. It should only speak about the luxury. Since not everyone can have a luxury brand bag, therefore with a less price, the brand can be available to many people.

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