Remembering the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman was well known as a competent character actor but his potrayal of the writer Truman Capote cemented his reputation as a great actor.

Though he was well known as a competent character actor in movie and theater circles, his role as the writer Truman Capote in the movie Capote cemented the reputation of Philip Seymour Hoffman as an actor to watch. The movie is about the period when Truman Capote decided to write his novel In Cold Blood. This novel is based on the murders of a prosperous family in a farm in kansas by a couple of young drifters. In researching the novel, the writer ended up spending more time than anyone else in the forgotten places, an experience which affected him for the rest of his life.

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Though the director and writer of the movie Capote were friends who Philip Seymour Hoffman trusted, he still had to be convinced to play the central role in the movie. Though the title role of the writer Capote is challenging, it is also a scary role, in a tragic movie which left the actor moved. Many felt that though Hoffman was a highly respected actor, he had not attained his full real potential as an actor. Capote was a multi faceted personality, a bundle of contradictions – charismatic but also needing attention, always in the limelight and manipulating people as needed.

In reality Philip Seymour Hoffman is tall, gentle, soft and shy with friendly eyes and a ready smile. For his role as Capote, the actor lost weight, changed his voice and adopted many of his mannerisms like his watchful gaze and stiff upper lip. His Capote costar Catherine Keener who plays the novelist Harper lee, author of the popular novel, To kill a mockingbird,  who was capote’s childhood friend, was impressed by the efforts made by the actor to realistically potray the writer Trueman Capote. Though it was a difficult role, the actor was very diligent and always felt that his acting could be improved.

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